School & Training Center

The Riding Academy- Est. 1993

Our Riding Academy was established in 1993.  It is the oldest, largest and one of the most respected English riding academies and horsemanship centers in Southern California. We teach children through adults with professional Instructors on show quality school horses. Most of the school ponies and horses are currently on the show circuit.  Lessons are on proper size and safe ponies and horses. The riding academy has taught thousands of Riders who have gone on to become great amateurs and many with successful professional careers.  Begin your or your child’s riding career in our academy with one of our specially trained instructors.  Expect a thorough and complete introduction to build on over the years.  As the student progresses, he/she will move up to the Training Center where advanced techniques and continued riding instruction will occur.


Hunter /Jumper Training Center

Our Training Center focuses on the advanced rider who wants to show and take their riding to their highest level.   Looking for NCAA Riding scholarships at the prestigious colleges and Universities?  Let us know your goals.  We handle Junior and Varisty Lettering programs routinely also.  Private lessons and clinics are also available.  Bring your own horse to stable for additional training or Mark will work with you to find the right horse for your needs.   Mark accepts new riders after an evaluative lesson and meeting with him.   At various time, the barn also offers a variety of hunters, jumpers and equitation horses for sale and lease.


How To Get Started?

The way our riding academy works is very simple. We invite those that are interested in riding with CEC to participate in an introductory and evaluative lesson. The cost is $90 ($110.00 for Mark Conley) and the lesson lasts for approximately 1.5 hours. This lesson will start with completing the necessary forms and then an orientation of our stable. Then beginners will learn how to lead a horse or pony to the cross ties where we will teach them how to groom and tack up (prepare) their mount before riding. Once the mount is prepared all students will then have private lesson in which we go over the fundamentals for beginners or evaluate and discuss our program with experienced riders.

Students are able to borrow all equipment, including a helmet, for the first lesson. Appropriate attire for the beginner is long pants and sturdy shoes. All those who wish to spend time in the cross ties with the Rider,  should also be wearing sturdy shoes for safety. After the introductory lesson,  we are able to discuss a riding program for the student to progress.

**Short Term or Visiting From Out of Town?    Intro/Lessons with Mark Conley $110. Instructors $100. Bringing your horse?  Want to train and show “A” or County Circuit for the summer?  Call 858-259-1148 to discuss and make reservations.

BUCKAROO RIDES (ages 2-6 only)

  • Pony Express Program:    1 Pony Ride -$50 – allows child to see if he/she likes riding experience.
  • Jump Start Program:     1x/week or (4 rides per month) -$160 – horsemanship, grooming and 20 minute “on pony” walking experience, grooming, horsemanship.


Our lessons are taught by professional instructors on safe and experienced ponies and horses.  We are careful to match the rider with the appropriate mount.  Riders are taught how to groom and care for their mount before and after their lessons*.  Our rates include the use of a school horse/pony, tack and grooming equipment. Additionally, the rider may borrow a helmet for their first lesson.  There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all lessons.

ALL Introductory/Evaluative/First Lessons – $90 (Assistant Trainer & Instructors – excluding Mark Conley) – These are booked through the office.

A.  Beginner Hunter/Jumper Programincludes 30 min grooming/tacking, 30 min riding, 30 min untacking/grooming= 1.5 Hours

  • Beginner Program 1– Two 1.5 hour private lessons a week (30 minutes grooming/safety/tacking, 30 private mounted lesson, 30 minutes untacking, grooming) – 2x/week or (8 lessons per month) -$768 (includes assisted tack ups)
  • Beginner Program 2– Three 1.5 hour private lessons a week (30 minutes grooming/safety/tacking, 30 private mounted lesson, 30 minutes untacking, grooming)- 3x/week or (12 lessons per month)-$1152 (includes assisted tack ups)

B.  Experienced Hunter/Jumper RidersRider is responsible for own horse grooming, tacking & untacking

  • Program 1 – 1/2 hour or 1 hour group lesson 2x/week or $648/month
  • Program 2 – 1/2 hour or 1 hour group lesson 3x/week or $972/month

TRAINING PROGRAM (Serious Riders Only)

C.  Training Program –  Horse ownership, riding and competition on the “A” circuit.  Mark focuses on buying, training and selling the horses, preparing riders for “A”circuit and his own competiton.  

TRAINING WITH MARK CONLEY – Head Trainer Evaluative/First Lesson $110 – These are for approved Advanced Riders only and are booked through the office.  All Regular Lessons with Mark Conley- $100.00.

Hauling In with own horse (pre-approved) – $110.00 per lesson.

  • NOTE:   The Prices above are discounted for check or cash. Credit cards add a 4% increase in pricing.     Effective 12/25/2017

There are no refunds.  Lessons are non-transferable.  

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