Stacey S.
Encinitas, CA

I started riding at Concord a few weeks ago, when my husband bought lessons for me as a gift.  I showed horses my entire childhood but hadn’t ridden since then (which was about 28 years),so was more than a bit nervous.  Ashley is my trainer and she couldn’t be any more wonderful!  I’ve had a great time at every lesson and she is very patient with me, and I feel like I’m making great progress toward being the confident rider I was as a kid.  The lesson horses are extremely well cared for and very loved.  The people in the barn, whether working or just hanging out, are so friendly they make you instantly feel comfortable there.  I couldn’t have picked a better place myself!



Jodi J.
Del Mar, CA

My ten year old son has been taking weekly riding lessons for six months.  He is gaining confidence and abilities that will serve him far beyond the arena for the rest of his life.  Watching Jeni work with him is magic.  He smiles the entire time he is in the saddle.  She is so committed to her students.  The entire staff works together to create a relaxed, safe, confident environment that makes learning enjoyable.  The animals are very well cared for.  Safety is a top priority.  The office returns calls promptly and keeps the schedules perfectly.  I am so grateful we have Concord Equestrian Center.


San Diego, CA

My  9 year old granddaughter had a wonderful, educational experience at her first lesson. Maribeth is professional, kind and an inspirational teacher. The entire facility is first rate.



Andrew Dickson

I started at Concord as a proud father, some years ago watching his daughter learn to ride. Through the years of watching and helping her, I fell in love with horses, and dreamed of learning to ride myself. After working to lose some weight, I asked if Concord would accept me as a student a year ago. They did, and I have taken lessons ever since. A year after beginning, almost to the day, I cantered a horse around the arena — a wonderful mixture of exhilaration and incompetence — that sets me up to work to improve further in the coming year. I have been so glad I began to ride (although so late in my life) and am grateful to Mark and his staff, who have encouraged me at every step.



Holly Bowron Hainley
I highly recommend Concord Equestrian Center for midlife riders returning to the sport. Trainer  Liz McIntyre gave me the skills and confidence to buy a horse and the owner and head trainer Mark Conley found me the perfect match. Everyone on staff believes that riding is an attainable goal for older adults and the trainers will put together a program that accommodates your schedule and timeline. No need to be intimidated by talented and competitive young kids—there is room for everyone at Concord

Emily & Degage

Emily Mandel

Concord has been a huge part of my life for years.  Even now that I am in college, I know I have a second home waiting for me in San Diego. Mark has taught me so many valuable life lessons and horse related skills that I have learned how to apply in all aspects of my life. He gave me the confidence to try out for my college’s extremely competitive IHSA Team, compete in the hunters, jumpers, and equitation on various horses, and show at gigantic and AA shows. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am were it not for Mark Conley and my second family at Concord Equestrian Center.





Maddison Rae

Concord has been apart of my life for several years now, and honestly I cannot imagine my life without it. I started riding here after coming from a western barn and was interested in expanding my riding skills, not only did my riding knowledge expand but so did my horsemanship, confidence, life lessons and most of all my happiness. I am now a sophomore in college and I can truly say my growth and success would not have been achievable without the support and guidance I have gained from Concord. Concord isn’t just a place if your looking to ride competitively or not but also a place to find a second family for support on and off the saddle. Not only do I get to come home to the one thing I love most in this world; horses and riding, but also to what I consider my family.


erikaErika K 

Best place to be to ride in San Diego. They have excellent instructors for all levels of riders from beginners to advanced and showing. They offer a wide variety of services including camps, pony rides, lessons, and full training. I have ridden there for years and it is one of the best places to be. The people there really are one big happy family and are always looking for new people to join. There are a lot of social activities at the barn with shows and BBQ’s. The instructors are great and really focus on your communication between horse and rider. A great place for anyone who rides or would like to start. There is always something going on at the barn.


Kathryn Fritz

Concord Equestrian Center Rocks!!!!! Our entire family trains here with Mark.  What I love most is that the horse’s welfare and safety always comes first.  We have been riding here for 5 years and I considered it my second home.  Mark’s detailed approach to basics has allowed my eldest daughter to not only love riding but to be able to compete very competitively in the county shows.  She ended up in 4th place out of the county in the Short Stirrup Class.  My youngest Daughter had a serious riding accident 2 years ago and thanks to Maribeth’s sensitive and caring approach she is now riding again and has even started to show.


Heather M.

Every year when our out of town cousins come into town, I try to plan something special for each child based on their interests.  For my 6 year old niece who loves horses, I wanted to find a horse back riding experience for her.  I came across concord equestrian and could not have been happier with the experience.

We had three kids to ride, a 4 year old and two 6 year olds.  Marybeth (the director?) worked very hard for us to get all three kiddos riding at the same time.  The two boys were a little hesitant about riding, but the very laid back and no rush style of the employees was exactly what they needed.  The kids got to take their time getting to know the horses and never once did they feel rushed to pet the horse or to get on it.
The ride was a perfect length, felt like a nice long ride but the kids did not get tired.

There were two students and Marybeth who worked with the horses and our kids.  The students were very nice and did a great job, but I was very glad that Marybeth was there. She definitely knew exactly what she was doing and is very experienced working with little kids.

As we left, my brother in law looked at me and said of the experience “A+”.

We would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a first time experience.




Kelly W.

San Diego,CA

My daughter started riding here about 2 months ago.  We couldn’t be happier with the entire staff here.  Mark is an excellent trainer who pays attention to every small detail and has definitely helped my daughter refine her riding skills.  He has a firm yet gentle way of teaching that motivates his students to be their best.  The entire staff is very friendly and helpful.  We felt at home right away.  Not only are the students well looked after but so are the horses. We highly recommend checking them out for yourself!