emily & raja
Emily & Raja August 2014
Emily Mandel
I graduated Skidmore College, located in Saratoga Springs, NY, (Class of 2016) and I am on the IHSA equestrian team.  Skidmore tied IHSA nationals last year and is known for being a strong equitation school.  We won all four of our shows this semester and are looking forward to an exciting spring semester of riding as well!  Emily is back home  now training with Cheeto.  Pictures to follow their exciting show season.
Ximena Cole, William Woods
“I have actually been working in both western world and hunter jumper to help better my riding skills and to help give me some variety when I graduate so I can go into either or both fields. And its just nice to be more widely educated on different aspects of the equestrian industry.  I’ll be riding and learning dressage next semester too! I’ve also been interning with a veterinarian to help gain experience because after I graduate with my BS in Equestrian Science I plan to return to Vet school and after that start out as either a breeder or trainer. I’ve been showing Western and Hunter Jumper, working at local shelter doing community service walking and bathing dogs, working in my sorority, showing, and going to class.
Georgi Hughes
Georgi is a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Stage Management. She currently isn’t riding at school, but hopes to find a local barn or join the team next semester. She misses it! Georgi loves living on the East Coast, meeting new people, and getting used to the cold weather. She can’t deny she misses home though!    We are so happy Georgi is home for the summer training with Mark once again.
Horseback Riding

Madison Rae Gerber

Madison Rae
“I am currently enjoying my second year at Oregon State University.    To to start this school year off,  I made the IHSA equestrian team!  We are champions in our zone each year and always put up a tough fight at nationals.  So far this year we have competed in two competitions and have won high point team and high point rider in both.  I am super excited to continue next year riding for OSU and for the rest of the IHSA show season.  I miss Concord everyday, but knowing that I get to come home to them during breaks is what gets me through the school year, and hard classes!  ”  Maddy has been home this summer riding!


Wee Jumpers!

Olivia Ma

“I am currently finishing up my last year in college  and then plan to move back home back home to San Diego!!!   I also bought my very first horse on Halloween!! His name is Dino “Palladyn”.  He is an Grey Arabian horse.  We have been showing together for about a year or so now. Dino and I do the 2ft jumpers at local schooling show in Missouri. Dino previous job was a western pony at William Woods University. So after he retired to my friend, who I bought him from, I changed his job description to being a jumper. Dino has only been jumping for a year or so and I am proud of all the hard work and training I have put in. He is my pride and joy.”    UPDATE:  Olivia has since graduated college and moved herself and Dino back home to CEC and continue their training.
Tyler Lee is a Senior at Princeton University, studying French  and Italian.    She has ridden at Concord since she was quite young.   CEC looks forward to holidays and the summers when Tyler is home riding Checkmate.
vanessa vinny
Vanessa is currently attending University of California at Riverside.   We also miss her very much and look forward to all her returns on breaks.